Tschmachna va Tischlbong. Published in: Asou Geats (2022)

Sapori di Tischlbong


It is a major aim of the research group not to confine the discussion of findings to scientific communities but to make research transparent and accessible. It is therefore a great pleasure that an article which gives insights into the project and the research conducted in Timau/Tischelwang/Tischlbong was published in the local newspaper “Asou Geats”. While at the beginning of the project, studies of the cultural and linguistic landscape were complemented with inhabitants’ perspectives, Leonie Hasenauer proceeded conversely, exploring meanings of localities, contexts and networks for inhabitants of Timau and Sauris/Zahre in regard to food. Qualitative interviews proved the interconnectedness of people, places and times. On the one hand, associations of places and times are determined by experiences, which, on the other hand, are pivotal for identification processes of individuals and groups. By means of food, people decide everyday what kinds of dishes and negotiated associations they incorporate. For the legally recognized historical ethnolinguistic minority and the local community in general, aspects that are associated with the locality and its past have become rare but remain meaningful nevertheless. Especially on holidays, people unite, prepare and consume specific dishes. An example is Ferragosto, when in this year not only the presentation of the issue of the newspaper took place but also that of a new recipe booklet. On that evening and the following days, specific foods were offered and became central for situated reunions and feastings.


This work was supported by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) under grant 32500.


Asou Geats, August 2022 - Tschmachna va Tischlbong. Sapori di Tischlbong.

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