The Valcanale (Friuli) in Late Modern Times. Published in: Geotema

The Valcanale (Friuli) in Late Modern Times. Is Eastern Alps' "Little Europe" disappearing?


The recently published study "La «piccola Europa» sulle Alpi orientali sta per scomparire? La Valcanale (Friuli) nella tarda età moderna" addresses the impact of spatial structures over a longue durée based on symbolic ethnicity within a cultural landscape heritage framework. It examines changes of ethnic groups within the Valcanale (Friuli) since its national affiliation to Italy, focusing on German and Slovenian-speaking minorities. Results of this article show that "Little Europe" is still evident, even though the broad existence of the area's four official languages – the two minority languages plus Italian and Friulian – has almost been lost in the meantime. The generational shift, intermarriage and a significant population decline have intensified this development since the nineties. Yet, echoes of the autochtonous Valcanale population are reflected in the area's symbolic ethnicity of material and immaterial cultural heritage. The majority of the population perceives this uniqueness as an asset which seems to strengthen no longer an ethnolinguistic, but a new, regionally connoted identity.

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