Das Ende der autochthonen Minderheiten im Kanaltal (Friaul / Italien)? Published in: Europa Ethnica

Das Ende der autochthonen Minderheiten im Kanaltal (Friaul / Italien)? Viersprachigkeit als Reminiszenz – regionale Identität als Emergenz


The study "The end of the autochthonous minorities in Valcanale (Friuli / Italy)? Reminiscences of quadrilingualism – emergence of regional identity" examines the ethnolinguistic changes of the autochthonous German- and Slovenian-speaking minorities in the Valcanale since the territorial affiliation to Italy in 1919. It clarifies historical developments and discusses the severe population decline, the loss of the autochthonous languages and quadrilingualism. The authors adress various factors like intra-familial multilingualism and the delayed implementation of minority protection that persistently endanger the existence of the ethnolinguistic diversity. These days, young generations are open to the Romance influence. It becomes apparent that they leave internalized dualisms behind and face the emergence of an interwoven regional identity. Nevertheless, traces of quadrilingualism can still be discovered in the linguistic landscape. Like other cultural landscape elements, these reminiscences create identity and promote a sense of community.

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