The Impact of Current Demographic Transformation
on Ethno-Linguistic Minorities in the Italian Alps

FWF-Project Nr.P20954
January 2009 - December 2011


Projectleader: Dr. Ernst Steinicke
Colleagues: Mag. Michael Beismann
  Mag. Roland Löffler
  Mag. Judith Walder
Project email:


As there is a global trend of people moving into remote rural areas (amenity-led migration) we try to find out if this current phenomenon also occurs in the Italian Alps and if so, what are the consequences on these peripheral areas? In particular we focus on ethno-linguistic minority regions: the Aosta Valley and Piemont in the Western Alps, as well as South Tyrol, the Bellunese and the Friulian Mountains in the Eastern Alps.
To gather information the main working methods will be:

  • Analysis of the status-quo of related research and analysis of official statistics.
  • Analysis of various thematic maps, as well as of existing aerial photographs and satellite pictures about the area investigated.
  • Media analysis – with a view to analyzing the greatest possible number of articles on the subject, particularly in regional and local newspapers, as well as in weekly magazines and the Internet.
  • Independent research in the minority regions: Without any doubt, field studies constitute the most important data acquisition technique to achieve the desired project goals. Mapping of regional structures and interviews will be the two main methods selected.
  • Forming partnerships with administrators, representatives and planners of municipalities in the study areas.
  • Assembling, comparison, and interpretation of the quantitative and qualitative investigation results.

further information:

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