Towards an operationalisation of nature-based solutions for natural hazards

New publication on monitoring nature-based solutions has been accepted for publication.

Nature-based solutions (NBS) are being promoted as adaptive measures against predicted increasing hydrometeorological hazards (HMHs), such as heatwaves and floods which have already caused significant loss of life and economic damage across the globe. However, the underpinning factors such as policy framework, end-users' interests and participation for NBS design and operationalisation are yet to be established. We discuss the operationalisation and implementation processes of NBS by means of a novel concept of Open-Air Laboratories (OAL) for its wider acceptance.

Kumar et al. (2021): An overview of monitoring methods for assessing the performance of nature-based solutions against natural hazards. Science of the Total Enviornment, Vol. 731(13885), pp. 1-22. 

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