The Province of Bozen has funded the three years project "Shallow erosion dynamics in mountain grasslands of South Tyrol: Monitoring, process analysis and mitigation measures – EroDyn". The aim of the project EroDyn is the monitoring and process analysis of shallow erosion areas on mountain grasslands in South Tyrol to gain a more profound and solid understanding of the phenomenon and its dynamics. The project investigates driving factors for the processes at work and impacts of shallow erosion in terms of landscape ecology, mountain agriculture, landscape aesthetics as well as sediment mobilisation and natural hazards. It is a joint research project by the Institute of Geography (University of Innsbruck), the Faculty of Science and Technology (University of Bozen), and Institute for Applied Remote Sensing (Eurac Research) in cooperation with the Department for Nature, Landscape and Spatial Development and Department for Hydraulic Engineering (Autonomous Province of Bolzano – South Tyrol), and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences.

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