EGU 2020 Contributions

The Remote Sensing & Topographic LiDAR Research Group joins this years EGU with following contributions:


Mapping of high-elevation alpine grassland communities based on hyperspectral UAV measurements
Levente Papp, Abraham Mejia-Aguilar, Ruth Sonnenschein, Rita Tonin, Michael Loebmann, Clemens Geitner, Martin Rutzinger, Andreas Mayr, and Stefan Lang

Quantifying the influence of low vegetation on vertical uncertainties of 3D point clouds derived from UAV-based ground surface measurements
Sebastian Fischer, Anne Hormes, Marc S. Adams, Thomas Zieher, Magnus Bremer, Martin Rutzinger, and Jan-Christoph Otto

Close-range sensing and object-based analysis of shallow landslides and erosion in grasslands
Andreas Mayr, Martin Rutzinger, Magnus Bremer, and Clemens Geitner
Monitoring-based identification of nature-based solutions to mitigate the impact of deep-seated gravitational slope deformations
Jan Pfeiffer, Thomas Zieher, Jan Schmieder, Martin Rutzinger, Annemarie Polderman, Daniela Engl, Johannes Anegg, and Veronika Lechner
Modelling the effect of Nature Based Solutions on slope instability
Stefano Tinti, Glauco Gallotti, Thomas Zieher, Jan Pfeiffer, Filippo Zaniboni, Martin Rutzinger, and Silvana Di Sabatino

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