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Triple AAA - Action for Adaptation Awareness

TripleAAA pools, coordinates and executes communication activities towards society in general and respective dialogue partners. Core topics and concepts such as climate change adaptation (CCA), global change, risk and local sustainability are prepared and tailored to the specific communication demands and capacities. Innovative means of communication will be explored, applied and evaluated, taking into account the need for global thinking and local action, particularly in societal and political agendas at the local level.

Within this framework, the significance of CCA as an indispensable prerequisite for regional development becomes apparent; this leads to the determination of specific fields of actions and community projects. Thereby, TripleAAA complements theory driven concepts from CCAware and stimulates the research-practice dialogue in CCA-communication and implementation. TripleAAA focusses firstly on the dialogue groups of educators and young people as societal multipliers. The core objectives of TripleAAA are:

  • To lower significantly the invisible borders of communication and knowledge transfer between sustainability-research and society in general and the dialogue groups in particular
  • To promote CCA as part of the syllabus of public schools and to prominently place it on political and societal agendas
  • To provide pilot projects, communication vehicles, field-testing and scientific evaluation of communication methods

The project serves as a knowledge and experience exchange platform for capitalizing knowledge on climate change adaptation from international (e.g. Alpine Space project C3-Alps, Climate Service Centre) to the local scale (e.g. state schools).


Projektzeitraum: 01.04.2013 - 30.09.2014
  • alpS – Centre for Climate Change Adaptation
  • TIWAG - Tiroler Wasserkraft AG
  • Energie Tirol
  • Klimabündnis
  • HAK Lienz
  • BRG Telfs
Fördergeber: Gefördert von FFG (COMET - Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies)
Webseite: https://actadapt.blogspot.co.at
Projektdatenbank: Metadaten
Triple AAA
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