University of Innsbruck


Coupled Human-Landscape Systems: Risk & Resilience


Foto © ÖAW/Klaus Pichler

Margreth Keiler (IGF/UIBK)

Group Leader

Geomorphology: Mass movements, debris flows, sediment transport, spatial and temporal trajectories of geomorphological systems, complex systems, human-environment relations - Natural hazards and risk: Risk analyses, Vulnerability analyses, Multi-hazards and risk, Risk development, Risk management and governance, Coupled human-environment interactions

Foto © Daniel Hinterramskogler

Kay Helfricht (IGF/UIBK)


Mountain hydrology, glacier mass and energy balance, snow cover distribution in Alpine catchments, remote sensing of the cryosphere, applied glaciology and geophysics, meteorology, climatology

Foto © Andreas Hummel

Eva-Maria Hummel (UIBK)

Administrative Staff

Technical Support Unit for the AAR2 project. Processing and handling of the administrative and coordinative agendas of the project, budget monitoring

Foto © Jannik Weiß

Leonie Kommerell (UIBK)

Student Assistant

Student assistant to Margreth Keiler and the CHLS working group. Is doing her Master's degree in Geography at the University of Innsbruck. Helps where she can.

Foto © Daniel Hinterramskogler

Annemarie Polderman (IGF)

Post-Doc and Project management

Stakeholder involvement and co-creation processes, political ecology, gender studies, qualitative methods

Foto © Eva Posch

Eva Posch (UIBK)


Social vulnerability and resilience, tourism development, risk management, research impact, public involvement in research

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