Universität Innsbruck


REBO - acquisition and regionalization of soil data

Projektleitung: Clemens Geitner Projektzeitraum: Mai 2013 – April 2016  
Mitarbeiter: Fabian Gruber,
Jasmin Baruck
Fördergeber: Autonome Provinz Bozen-Südtirol  

The Project „ReBo“, funded by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano-South Tyrol, aims to develop and verify a concept for acquisition and regionalization of soil data through an optimized interaction between soil mapping and terrain analysis. The impulse for this study was given by the promising findings of the pre-study LASBO. Project-partners are the Laimburg Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry and geologists of the 'Amt für Geologie und Baustoffprüfung' of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano-South Tyrol.

High-resolution spatial information on soil properties is required to ensure a sustainable management of the resource soil by integrating its properties and potentials into spatial planning. Especially soils in mountain regions like the Alps require a sustainable management approach. Therefore, it must be a central concern to provide this soil data in a time and cost efficient way. At present, South Tyrol does not have a comparable, area-wide soil database. To consider a broad spectrum of soil forming conditions we investigate several study sites under different land use and with varying geomorphological settings.

Aims of the project in short:

  • Develop new terrain-specific segmentation approaches for soil-related terrain classification
  • Pedological fieldwork with respect to the initial terrain segmentation
  • Minimize the required task of pedologic field survey through methodological optimization
  • Develop a reliable strategy for transferring punctual soil information

In times of decreasing numbers of pedological field surveys and therefore a loss of related know how, this project presents the possibility to discuss current survey methodology and classification systems and their potential optimization – especially considering Alpine regions.

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