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  • ERODYN: Field work for vegetation assessment This summer the team from the University of Bozen has sampled vegetation at test sites in the Nature Park Puez – Geisler, aiming at a spatial analysis and an assessment of different types of grassland vegetation with respect to landuse and erosion susceptibility. At the same site the EURAC team was flying with an unmanned […] (2018-10-10 10:16:57)
  • ERODYN: Terrestrial laser scanning of eroded areas A grassland slope has been surveyed with a terrestrial laser scanner (TLS) to map eroded areas and their morphology. The detailed terrain data from TLS will also be integrated with multi-/hyperspectral data from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and botanical surveys from field plots to map and analyse vegetation types. (2018-08-23 12:45:03)
  • ERODYN: Conference paper online (ISPRS Archives) Our contribution to the ISPRS Symposium in Riva del Garda is now online in the ISPRS Archives, the series of peer-reviewed proceedings published by the International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (open access): Mayr, A., Rutzinger, M. & Geitner, C. (2018): Multitemporal analysis of objects in 3D point clouds for landslide monitoring. The International […] (2018-06-18 05:31:16)
  • ERODYN: Methods for landslide and erosion monitoring at ISPRS Symposium Last week the ISPRS Technical Commission II Symposium 2018 took place in Riva del Garda, Italy, with participants from 37 countries. Researchers, practioners and companies presented and discussed the state-of-the-art in photogrammetry, computer vision, and remote sensing. Members of the ERODYN team contributed to the session “3D Mapping for Environmental & Infrastructure Monitoring” with a […] (2018-06-15 06:46:38)
  • ERODYN: Throwback to autumn field work … and looking forward to this summer’s field work! (2018-06-14 18:28:57)
  • Links4Soils: Kaufering Symposium Invitation to the Kaufering Symposium on the International Day of Soils (2017-12-05 10:10:00)
  • ERODYN: Kickoff Meeting in Bozen The ERODYN consortium, with members from the Autonomous Province of Bozen – South Tyrol, the University of Innsbruck (Institute of Geography), EURAC research (Bozen, Institute for Earth Observation) and the University of Bozen (Faculty of Science and Technology), met for the project kickoff in Bozen. The team discussed the project objectives and the work plan […] (2017-10-09 15:39:00)
  • Links4Soils: First Alpine Soil Partnership Workshop On 7th-8th November 2017 the project partners will host a workshop in Innsbruck for partners, observers and stakeholders on the mandate and framework of the Alpine Soil Partnership. (2017-09-20 10:09:00)