MEd/MSc thesis: Transitioning from School to Work During a Pandemic

The Research Group Transient Spaces & Societies is looking for Master Candidates interested in writing their final thesis on the topic of “transitioning from school to work during a pandemic” on the basis of an existing broad qualitative data set of the COV-IDENTITIES project. The data was collected during the early pandemic as longitudinal study stretching from early April 2020 to April 2021. It encompasses pupils who graduated from school and started work or transitioned to tertiary education in 2020 as well as University students who graduated and picked up work/ additional training in 2020 in the midst of the first year of the pandemic. Thus, this call seeks interest for a student who is interested in extensive (qualitative) data analysis of pre-existing data but not necessarily keen on collecting data.

The thesis can be written in German or English. However, most of the relevant literature is available in English.

It is possible to write and submit collaborative student projects as tandem theses.

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