MSc/MEd theses: FWF beYOND project topic 2: (Online) violence and bullying

Violence (online) and (cyber-)bullying are core geographic topics as they are centrally about people, technologies, power and space. This is ever more the case during the digital age in which violence stretches across entangled socio-material-technological spaces, and in which technologies enable, support and sustain violent practices. The FWF beYOND project (Young People Negotiating Difference in cON/FFlating Spaces) of the Transient Spaces and Societies research group conducts a broad qualitative and longitudinal data collection and analyses about pupils’ everyday identity negotiations. Preliminary findings show that many pupils have reported about their experiences of as well as own practices of violence and bullying in (entangled) offline and online spaces. The beYOND team is looking for MEd/MSc candidates who are interested in working on a related thesis topic in close collaboration with the team. The thesis focus would lie within the field of digital geographies, social geographies and cultural geographies. The thesis can be written in English or German.

Possible topics of the theses include but are not restricted to:

  1. Understanding spatial effects of educational (school) spaces and systems in (online) violence/ (cyber-)bullying
  2. Understanding role (shifts) in (online) violence: perpetrators, targets (victims), bystanders, teachers, parents
  3. Understanding the affordances and role of technologies in (online) violence, e.g.: What is the difference between cON/FFlating bullying on WhatsApp and Instagram?
  4. Bodies, norms, values in (online) violence
  5. Racialised (cyber-)bullying and (online) violence

The thesis can be written in German or English. However, most of the relevant literature is available in English.

It is possible to write and submit collaborative student projects as tandem theses.

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