MSc/MEd theses: FWF beYOND project topic 1: The negotiation of (online) identities and difference

Digital technologies and media have become central to young people’s negotiations of their identities just as they have for the formation of their opinions, knowledge, values, and relations. Identities are not fixed but diverse and they are constantly negotiated. Social notions of gender roles, sexuality, language, class, appearance, and attribution of ethnicity play into their construction process. The technologies and media relevant in this process are continuously changing due to technological innovations and new developments and their very different social appropriations. The FWF-project beYOND (Young People Negotiating Difference in cON/FFlating Spaces) uses an innovative multi-method approach to accompany young people in negotiating abundant sexual and gender identities in entangled online-offline everyday spheres. Therewith the interdisciplinary project team of geographers and communication scholars seeks to contribute to a better understanding of social exclusion and inclusion processes in the digital age.

The project team compares identity negotiations of young people in three different European regions (Austria, Germany, Spain) through time. We are interested in MEd and MSc candidates who are interested in writing their thesis on one of the following topics:

  1. Negotiating on- and offline identities in entangled online and offline spaces (in schools)
  2. Negotiating the private and public in entangled online and offline spaces
  3. Understanding the affordances and roles of digital media in the negotiation of identities and difference

The thesis can be written in German or English. However, most of the relevant literature is available in English.

It is possible to write and submit collaborative student projects as tandem theses.

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