MSc/MEd theses: A future in the Metaverse? (different sub-topics, e.g., nature, gender, social encounters)

The Research Group Transient Spaces & Societies is looking for Master Candidates interested in writing their final thesis on the Metaverse. Candidates will be able to use the infrastructure of the Visual Interaction Lab 1669 of the University of Innsbruck that provides VR Glasses and the PC. Final theses should preferably be written in English and involve intensive virtual fieldwork in the Metaverse. Experience with virtual reality and a high interest in digital geographies and critical social theories are a precondition.

Possible topics of the theses:

  1. Exploring representations of and engagement with nature in Metaverse
  2. Exploring representations of gender and gendered performativities in Metaverse
  3. Social encounters in virtual reality and the inclusion and exclusion of virtual others

The thesis can be written in German or English. However, most of the relevant literature is available in English.

It is possible to write and submit collaborative student projects as tandem theses.

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