Student assistant position for ArcGIS-Pro (4h to 8h/week)

This student assistant position is a part of the research being conducted by the Unit for Intelligent Transportation Systems at University of Innsbruck.

Start Date: As soon as possible

Responsibilities: The student will be part of the research team and their responsibilities will be mainly to “Prepare, Visualize and Analysis of Vehicle-GPS data on ArcGIS pro (with PySTPrism Tool and ArcGIS Space Time Cube)”.  

 Time Commitment: 4h to 8 h/week depending on availability

 Requirements: Students are required to have good experience in working ArcGIS Pro and some programming knowledge in Python of handling data previously. Ability to work independently with the tool PySTPrism and ArcGIS (Space Time Cube) in some extent other GIS tools.

 To Apply:  email your CV to the email address mentioned bellow with your possible starting date.

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