Student assistant at Master level for 10 months

Vacancy: Master Student Assistant

A research/consultant project in the Graduate School ‘Human Development in Landscape’ (CAU Kiel) was recently approved by the German Foreign Ministry. The project aims to support low-carbon policy-making by investigating and calculating the carbon effects (emission and sequestration) of the rural livelihood transitions (1978-2017) based on household level surveys in the Three Gorges Reservoir area, China. The project is looking for a

Student assistant at Master level

for 10 months (01.08.2016-31.05.2017) working in Kiel, Germany.


  • Registered Master student, planning to start master thesis in 08.2016 and submit in 05. 2017
  • Discipline in climate, geography, environment, carbon emission, rural development or other closely related fields
  • Writing master thesis under the topic of the project
  • Interested in mountainous rural development and its carbon/environment effects, eco-environmental issues in western China, in particular the Three Gorges Reservoir areas
  • Willing to travel to and do household surveys in the project area (twice, 3weeks+4weeks), accompanied by local cooperators but with difficult natural and social conditions
  • Assisting in project management, trip and field work arrangement, report writing, outreaching etc.
  • Working in English and German; knowledge of Chinese and experience in China are advantages
  • Experience in writing scientific articles and reports


Our offers:

-     Scientific supports and supervision on the field investigation and master thesis writing

-     Financial supports for the project-related travelling, meeting, publishing and thesis writing

-     Payment for project coordination 20 hours per month


To apply: Please send a single PDF containing (1) a cover letter describing your fit to this vacancy, and your goals of working in this project, (2) a detailed CV, including contact information of two professional references, and (3) documents that prove your student status and/or any other related qualifications.


Application should be sent to Dr. Liang Yang ( by June 30, 2016. Please expect a contact only if selected for an interview.

Dr. Liang Yang (

Graduate School ‘Human Development in Landscape’

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

Tel.: +49-0431-8805465

Room 140, Leibnizstr. 3, 24118, Kiel, Germany