Organisatoren1Socio-ecological inequalities in
mountain environments:
The Andes and the Alps
in a comparative perspective

Universitätszentrum Obergurgl
17. 6. – 19. 6. 2011

The impacts of Global Change - understood as strongly entangled human-caused changes in natural and societal systems - are, on a local scale, especially perceptible in vulnerable areas, i.e the mountain regions of the world habitat for about 12% of the world's population. On the one hand this is a result of the specific ecological problems that become manifest in the fields of water, climate, soil and biodiversity. On the other hand many mountain regions become more and more vulnerable because of their peripheral location in the context of new economic challenges and because of recent social and socio-demographic processes, consequences of the pressures of globalization.

Nevertheless, the vulnerability context in the mountain regions of the world strongly differs according to the specific local and regional conditions and potentials. As a result, Global Change in mountain regions is closely connected to both, risks and chances for local/regional development. The specific constellations of different society-nature relations result in socio-ecological inequalities. In order to be able to understand the causes and consequences of socio-ecological inequalities as well as the convergences and divergences of specific risks, conflicts and inequalities in different mountain regions, a comparative, interdisciplinary and transregional perspective is necessary. Thus the workshop aims at highlighting such a perspective for the Andes and the Alps.


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