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  • 3rd of May 2019: Transdisciplinary Workshop on initiatives for socio-ecological transitions in Sao Paulo
    The ENESUS project team Sao Paulo invited initiatives for socio-ecological transitions in the Sao Paulo green belt biosphere reserve for a workshop: "Transição para a Sustentabilidade na Reserva da Biosfera no Cinturão Verde da Cidade de São Paulo: O Papel dos Agentes de Inovação Socioambiental". The workshop has been life-streamed and contents are summarized by graphical recordings.
  • First Fieldwork in La Palma
    The fieldwork in our case study La Palma has started. For impressions of our project partner Max Mannheim (Univ. of Vienna) and his Netmapping see the facebook post of the La Palma Biosphere
  • Case studies map online
    A map showing case studies of ENESUS has been added to the project pages
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