Procedure and Organisation


The "Summer ELSA Law School on Medical and Health Law" lasts one week (Sunday, June 30 to Sunday, July 7th 2019). Courses, presentations and excursions will take place from Monday to Friday and will be held in English.

Next to providing theoretical knowledge on medical and health law, a special emphasis is placed on its practical application.

In co-operation with the European Law Students Association (ELSA), the participants will be offered a varied and manifold accompanying programme.


  The exact Programme will follow soon. 

Temporary time schedule: 

Sun.  30.6.  Mon. 1.7.  Tue. 2.7.   Wed. 3.7.  Thur. 4.7.  Fri. 5.7.  Sat. 6.7. 




Teresa Weber

(University of Salzburg)


Julian Mausbach

(University of Zürich)



Hubert Niedermayr
Marina Peball

(both DK medical law and  healthcare, University of Innsbruck)

Bernhard Rudisch

(University of Innsbruck)


The Greater Good - Legal remedies against vaccine hesitancy

Dynamic Consent - from participant to partner


(title will follow in a short while)

(Re-)Legalize it! Smoking and the Law in Austria and Europe





Marie-Luisa Frick

(University of Innsbruck)

Magdalena Flatscher-Thöni




Viktoria Liv
Magdalena Winkler

(both DK medical law and healthcare,  University of Innsbruck)

 Stephanie Jicha 

(University of Innsbruck, Vice president of the Tirolian Landtag)


Sex&Drugs in the Millian liberal State

(title will follow  in a short while)


(title will follow in a short while)

Hazards in alpine environments - risk and responsibilty

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