RC Synagogue und Churches

“Synagogue and Churches” has since its establishment in 2004 been conceived of as a contribution to both a religious and a societal need. The increased opening of the Catholic Church to other Christian churches since the Second Vatican Council (1962–1965) led to a new reflection upon Christian self-understandings and at the same time – not least of all in light of the Shoah – upon Christian-Jewish relations and their common roots. The questions this provoked are of great social relevance, as can be seen repeatedly not least of all in Austria, especially in Tyrol. Against this background, “Synagogue and Churches” developed as a platform of cooperation in the field of historical and systematic research on primary source texts of Judaism and Christianity and related areas. Since 2017, the Research Center has honed its focus on foundational research regarding the claims to authority made by holy texts, personally practiced offices, and collectively acting religious institutions.

 Website | Contact: PD Dr. Liborius Lumma (Head), o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Rees and ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Vonach

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