FZ InnPeace: Peace and Conflict Studies

How many peaces are there? How are concepts and experiences of peace variously portrayed in cultural and historical contexts? What is the difference between violence and conflict, and what implications does this question have for scholarly research? The Research Center InnPeace is dedicated to the systematic exploration of these questions. It examines the answers with regard to their applicability and relevance for practical engagements with conflict. Founded in June 2018, InnPeace is the youngest Research Center of this Research Area. More than twenty individuals from twelve disciplines currently work at this Research Center at the University of Innsbruck, engaging in transdisciplinary dialogue, discussion, application, and further development of issues relating to peace. To date, research groups have been formed focusing on peace education, peace journalism, and art, establishing innovative formats such as the “Innsbruck Peace Lectures” and “Research Dialogue.” Moreover, InnPeace members are actively involved in numerous international research networks and initiatives. Colleagues of all disciplines and faculties are invited to enrich and expand the epistemology and methodology of peace and conflict research together with InnPeace in a transdisciplinary dimension.

 Website | Contact: Dr. Rina Alluri (Head), assoz. Prof. Dr. Tatjana Schnell and assoz. Prof. Dr. Andreas Oberprantacher

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