RC Conceptions of Europe

The Research Center Conceptions of Europe examines longstanding conceptions and perceptions of Europe that continue to have an impact today. Conceptions of Europe have emerged both in and outside the continent that constitute a reality in the politics, economics, everyday life, and mentalities of European societies, past and present. The perceptions and perspectives of this continent, of its unity and diversity, were influenced by both insider and outsider perceptions, by the social ordering practices of European space, by transnational networks and forms of communication, and by conceptions of various agents regarding what Europe is or should be. These conceptions of Europe were and are still shaped by the construction of borders, centers, and peripheries, by commonalities and differences between the European nations and societies as well as extra-European spaces, and by relations between national and European identities. On the basis of textual, visual, and artistic or aesthetic sources, this Research Center investigates the emergence of these constructions, narratives, and practices as well as their transformation, reception, and dissemination in the past and the present.

 Website | Contact: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Ehrenpreis (Head) and Dr. Stella Lange

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