RC Dimensions of Literary Transfer:
Transmission, Intermediation, Reception

This Research Center examines various forms of literary transfer and their underlying practices of transmission, dissemination, and reception. Literature is here not conceived of as a static construct, but as a bundle of various practices that range from production through dissemination and presentation to reception and processing. Through this perspective, we examine editions and translations, literary criticisms and interviews with or portraits of authors, screen adaptions of literary templates as well as their translation into graphic novels, and the process of archiving and canonization. The deliberately chosen term ‘transmission’ grants greater independence for example to literary screen adaptations vis-à-vis their literary templates while at the same time allowing for verbatim translations to be both included and dissected. All the while, the ‘literary establishment’ is conceived of less as a heteronomous ill imposed upon authors and texts from outside and rather as a condition of potentiality in modern literature.

 Website | Contact: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Wegmann (Head)

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