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RC Digital Humanities

The Research Center Digital Humanities combines the activities in the field of Digital Humanities conducted at the University of Innsbruck. Digital Humanities are a young discipline focusing on the development and application of digital methodologies in cultural studies and humanities research. The aim of this Research Center is to make the rapidly developing tools of digital technology fruitful for cultural studies and humanities research while at the same time developing new quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and approaches addressing the needs of the respective disciplines, for example in the form of corpus analyses and digital editions. The Research Center is open to all members of the university as a platform for the exchange of experiences and for the discussion of new approaches. Bundling and combining various initiatives – for example editorial philology, geo-referencing, OCR endeavors, and corpus linguistics – allows not only for development efforts to be streamlined but also opens up new solutions and possibilities through the interleaving of subject-specific knowledge with the specific tools of digital technology.

 Website | Contact: Dr. Günter Mühlberger (Head), assoz. Prof. Dr. Eva Pfanzelter and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tanzer

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