RC Ancient Worlds Studies and Archaeologies

The Research Center Ancient Worlds Studies and Archaeologies (AWOSA) not only hones the cooperation between the classical and archaeological disciplines, but also intensifies their cooperation both with the neighboring disciplines of history and cultural studies and with the natural sciences. The Research Center therefore sees itself as a trans- and interdisciplinary center of excellence specializing in ancient and prehistoric worlds. It aims to overcome Eurocentric research approaches by adopting a broad perspective on global history, by focusing on topical questions transcending disciplinary, spatial, and epochal boundaries, and, last but not least, by forging a link to the present through the investigation of the intellectual history and historical reception of the field. Thereby, it aims to make classical studies relevant to and compatible with other disciplines. To this end, the Research Center plans to expand its present capacity and research activities, with an emphasis on international scholarly cooperation.

 Website | Contact: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Robert Rollinger (Head) and PD Dr. Christian Heitz

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