Research Field “Transfer and Cultural Dissemination”


The research field “Transfer and Cultural Dissemination” focuses on seminal practices of cultural production and reception, which are essentially characterised by techniques of transfer and translation. Transfer activities, which to varying degrees can also be considered as transformations, are basal operations of cultural activity executed in a plethora of ways. Depending on the perspective and approach, they permit analysis both in relation to the agents involved as well as to their repertoire of languages, cultures and semiotic systems, media, materialities, realms of memory and institutions. They allow for a study of fields and discourses among which processes of transfer and dissemination take place or certain transfer techniques are practised.

At the research centre “Dimensions of Literary Transfer: Reception, Translation, Remediation“ the occupation with these inquiries has found an institutional venue, at the core of which lies the examination of literary texts and their social contexts.


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Wegmann
Ass.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Michael Pilz

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