Laboratory “Mediality and Digital Spheres”


The laboratory “Mediality and Digital Spheres” concentrates on how cultural discourses are constituted in media and/or digital representations and the resulting consequences. The part played by the media is investigated from two complementary vantage points. On the one hand, the focus lies on how reality, past and present, is appropriated and formed through media (media as mediator). On the other hand, media are seen as part of a communicative cultural process. As these processes transform we investigate into what remains constant and what changes (media as agents).

Central aspects of digitality are addressed within the framework of the Digital Humanities. Digital Humanities are initially defined as approaches which investigate and explore the questions posed by the humanities with the help of electronic data processing. Adopting this perspective also changes our view of the objects of study and our understanding for topics pertinent to the humanities. The ultimate objective is for one to comprehend and develop the fine points of the Digital Humanities approach and to explicate and challenge the theoretical scientific assumptions which are implied, on the other.


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Schröder
Dr. Günter Mühlberger

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