About Us

Profile and Structure

The research area encompasses four fields of research and four laboratories. The four research fields highlight shared interests in our work and link our members thematically:

  • Migration and Cultural Contact
  • Transfer and Cultural Dissemination
  • The Dynamics of Order(s)
  • Aesthetics of the Political

The four laboratories cross over to the fields of research, and link them by offering a space for cooperation and networking. They are concerned with general methodological and/or fundamental issues and fields of activity:

  • Theory and Methodology Forum
  • Social Relevance and Public Interest
  • Mediality and Digital Spheres
  • Historicity and Materiality

For a brief overview of our association, please consider our folder

Migration und Kulturkontakt Transfer und Kulturvermittlung Dynamik der Ordnung(en) Ästhetiken des Politischen Theorie- und Methodenforum Öffentlichkeitsbezug und gesellschaftliche Relevanz Medialität und Digitalität Historizität und Materialität

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