DP Borders, Border Shifts, and Border Crossings in Language, Literature, and Media

Concepts of determining, shifting, and crossing boundaries (liminality, variability and transgressivity) are essential for constituting and structuring the subject area of language, literary, and cultural studies. This doctoral program investigates these phenomena both regarding their categorial application and their linguistic, literary, and media practices. To this end, various disciplines that have already been established at the Faculty of Language, Literature and Culture at the University of Innsbruck will be brought together under systematic aspects. These disciplines include research on multilingualism, on transfer processes between literature and other media, on the relationship between factuality and fictionality, on discursive and literary border phenomena, and on phraseology or terminology. Special attention is be paid to strategies and acts of shifting or transgressing literary and linguistic boundaries, speech and discourse registers, or different genre and media formats.

 Website | Contact: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dirk Rose (Head) and assoz. Prof. Dr. Christine Konecny, Sarah Agath (Coordination)

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