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Research Institute Brenner-Archiv

The Brenner-Archiv is a research department of the University of Innsbruck and also the Tyrolean Literature Archive. The focus is on the preservation and criticism of cultural heritage. The Brenner-Archiv currently holds around 280 estates, bequests, partial bequests and collections, mainly of writers, but also of philosophers, musicians and artists (including an extensive collection of photographs, including many of Karl Kraus and Georg Trakl).

At the centre of the collection is the archive of Ludwig von Ficker, the editor of the cultural journal "Der Brenner" (1910-1954): to this archive belongs a considerable part of the estate of Georg Trakl as a separate collection. This centrepiece of the Brenner-Archiv comprises not only manuscripts of "Brenner" staff members and journalistic materials from the editorial staff of "Der Brenner", but also Ludwig von Fickers' extensive correspondence with well-known figures in literature, philosophy and art. In accordance with the international and interdisciplinary orientation of the journal "Der Brenner", over the years estates from the circle of Austrian modernism have been acquired (partial estates of Karl Kraus, Sidonie Nádherný von Borutin, Leopold Liegler and Fritz von Herzmanovsky-Orlando). Tyrolean authors of the 19th and 20th centuries are documented in extraordinary abundance (from Franz Kranewitter and Karl Schönherr to Norbert C. Kaser, Johannes E. Trojer, Otto Grünmandl and Lilly von Sauter), as well as individual authors from Vorarlberg (Max Riccabona). The Villa Rosenegg and the extensive estate of the popular writer Rudolf Greinz were transferred to the University and the Brenner Archive by a generous donation in 2018.

In addition, individual bequests of living authors (e.g. Karl Lubomirski, Felix Mitterer, Joseph Zoderer) are looked after. The theatre (Exl-Bühne Collection) and the literary scene (Austrian Youth Culture Weeks, Innsbruck Weekend Talks) are also taken into account. The Edith Duschka Collection contains numerous picture books designed by Anny Engelmann (Suska).

In addition to literary documents, the Brenner-Archiv also collects materials from philosophy (Ferdinand Ebner, Ernst von Glasersfeld, Wolfgang Stegmüller, partial estate of Ludwig Wittgenstein), the fine arts (Albin Egger-Lienz, Max von Esterle, Erich Lechleitner, Wilfried Kirschl), music (Othmar Costa, Josef Matthias Hauer, Haimo Wisser, Peter Zwetkoff), architecture (e.g. Paul Engelmann), theology and physics (partial estate of Erwin Schrödinger).

The materials in the Brenner Archive cannot be borrowed, so they can only be consulted on site. For exhibitions, archive materials can be given out of the house. Copies and scans are made on request. The reading room is open to the public.




Research Department Brenner-Archiv
Josef-Hirn-Strasse 5/10th floor
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Open all year round from Monday to Thursday 8.00-16.00 and Friday 8.00-12.00 Longer research stays and guided tours by appointment. The department is closed for two weeks in summer.

Research Department Brenner-Archiv

Estate Ernst von Glasersfeld
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Opening hours: Tuesday and Wednesday, 13:00-17:00 and by appointment

Ernst von Glasersfeld Archive

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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tanzer
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