Research groups participating in Flagship projects:

Quantum Optics and Spectroscopy
Rainer Blatt, Thomas Monz, Ben Lanyon, Christian Roos

The experiments center on trapped ions, which we manipulate using laser light, with the ability to precisely control the states of individual particles as well as collective states.

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Quantum Interfaces
Tracy Northup

This group investigates how we can transfer quantum states between light and matter, based on the interactions between single atoms, photons, and phonons. These fundamental physics experiments have applications for emerging quantum technologies, and in particular, for future quantum networks.

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Quantum Optics Theory
Peter Zoller

The research topics of the group cover the fields of theoretical quantum optics and atomic physics, quantum information, and the theory of condensed matter systems.

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Gregor Weihs

The groups research in quantum optics and quantum information focuses on semiconductor nanostructures and on the foundations of (quantum) physics.

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Cavity Quantum Electro­dynamics
Helmut Ritsch

The groups work contributes to a better under­standing of the interaction between light and matter. The main research interests are Self-Organization, Cavity Cooling, Superradiant Lasing and Quantum Metrology.

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Quantum Optimization
Wolfgang Lechner

The research group is dedicated to theoretical quantum physics with the aim to solve computationally challenging problems efficiently in near term quantum devices.

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