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Qualification Agreements

The Qualification Agreements (QV) represent the core of the tenure trail model at the University of Innsbruck and enable a continuous and performance-oriented career for young academics if previously agreed qualification criteria are fulfilled.

Tenure trail

3-stage qualification procedure

Applicants applying for a position as part of the digitalization initiative of the University of Innsbruck have the opportunity to conclude a qualification agreement.

Starting as a PostDoc

Within the first year after taking up the position, the qualification goals in the areas of research, teaching and leadership/management/social competence as well as the qualification duration are determined.

Salary: Annual gross € 60.927,00
(as of 2023 on the basis of full-time employment)

Assistant professor

The qualification period starts when the qualification agreement is accepted and ends when the evaluation begins (at the latest one year before the end of the employment relationship). It is thus approximately 4 years, but can also be considerably shortened depending on the qualification of the job holder, e.g. if a habilitation has already been obtained. At the start of the qualification period, the research assistant becomes an "Assistant Professor" (§ 27 Paragraph 3 Sentence 1 KV). This is accompanied by

  1. he/she enjoys extended protection against dismissal for the period of the qualification agreement in accordance with § 27 section 4 KV;
  2. he/she is classified in salary group A2 (§ 49 (2) KV) from the following month;
  3. his/her her teaching obligation is set at up to 4 hours per week per semester on a two-year average (§ 49 Abs 7 iVm section 9 Z 1 KV);
  4. he/she receives a corresponding supplement to the service contract.

During the qualification period, appraisal interviews are held with superiors. The qualification progress is also accompanied by advisory boards and mentors. Approximately one year before the end of the contract, the procedure for assessing the achievement of objectives in accordance with the relevant evaluation guidelines begins. If the evaluation is negative, the temporary employment relationship expires.

Salary: Annual gross € 61.912,00
(as of 2023 on the basis of full-time employment)

Associate professor

Upon reaching the agreed qualification, the assistant professor concerned becomes an "associate professor". Along with this,

  1. her/his possibly fixed-term job is terminated and thus the employment relationship is continued for an indefinite period of time
  2. she/he is placed in the A2/2 salary group (§ 49 section 2 lit a KV) as of the following month
  3. she/he must be used according to his/her qualification
  4. she/he has the right to teach science in his subject on his own responsibility and in the same way as a university professor through the facilities of the university. His teaching obligation can be set at up to 8 semester hours per week on a two-year average (§ 49 section 7 in conjunction with section 9 Z 1 KV)
  5. she/he has the right to use the facilities of the university for scientific work
  6. she/he has the right to supervise and evaluate scientific work (in particular final theses)
  7. she/he receives a corresponding supplement to his employment contract

Salary: Annual gross € 77.637,00
(as of 2023 on the basis of full-time employment)

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