Research Center Empirical Economics and Econometrics


Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Martin Halla (Institute of Financial Studies)

Research Objectives

Research in the FZ “Empirical Economics and Econometrics” is engaged in the empirical exploration of economically and socially relevant phenomena, particularly in the fields of macroeconomics and globalization (e.g. international economics, business cycles, economic crisis), as well as in the evaluation of policy measures in the context of the welfare state (e.g. health economics, public finance issues, the distribution of income, labor market issues).

A group within the FZ is especially concerned with the development of statistical and econometric methods, closely connecting these methods with their application on economically relevant questions. Especially the area of spatio-temporal modeling is providing methodical basic research by the advancement of spatial models in econometrics and computational statistics. This concerns the development of methods at the interface of quantitative statistical research, state-of-the-art computerized implementation in efficient software and its application in a broad range of disciplines, especially in economics and the social sciences.

Finally another group is concerned with economic and social historical approaches to the central questions of the FZ, particularly with globalization, poverty and inequality issues. This group is also building a bridge to the interdisciplinary FSP “Cultural Encounters – Cultural Conflicts” and is also explicitly focusing on transfer activities to society.

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