Research Center Computational Engineering


Univ.-Prof. Dr. DI Johannes Gerstmayr (Department of Mechatronics)

Research Objectives

Computational engineering (CE), an emerging multi-disciplinary field based on the fusion of physical science, mathematics, and engineering science promises to provide the specific integration of tools required to design, analyze, control, manage and improve large many faceted industrial and other types of facility or operation. In this regard and without specifying exactly how these are to be combined in any particular application some relevant elements in a CE fusion may be listed.

  • Modeling of physical phenomena,
  • Their computer implementation for numerical simulations
  • To provide animated visualization of proposed and existent facilities or modules thereof and
  • To provide archiving and management of data, both simulated and acquired, so as to optimize model and facility performance

Naturally all this is dynamic in that continuing advance of science and technology will be expected to keep increasing the power and scope of the CE fusion. A properly planned and funded CE approach will inevitably enhance a nation's productivity and economic strength.

Affiliated Organisational Units


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