7th SFB-FoQuS Meeting 6. - 7. May 2010, Innsbruck
University Innsbruck, Technikerst. 25, Lecture hall G, ground floor
Donnerstag 6.5.2010
14:00 14:50 Invited Talk Marcello Dalmonte Long-range interaction in one dimensional systems: searching for the devil's staircase
14:50 15:15 Talk Igor Mazets  Fluctuations in one-dimensional  many-body quantum systems and their description by a stochastic process
15:15 15:45 Coffee Break
15:45 16:10 Talk Iztok Pizorn  Simulation of fermionic systems in 2-dimensions using fermionic projected entangled pair states
16:10 17:00 Invited Talk Daniel Braun Quantifying Quantumness and the Quest for Queens of Quantum
17:00 18:30 Business Meeting
18:30 Departure of Bus (Bus Stop "Technik West")
20:00 Dinner Alpengasthof Heiligwasser
Freitag 7.5.2010
09:00 09:50 Invited Talk Victor Gurarie Chiral spin liquids and topological quantum computing with the alkaline earth atoms
09:50 10:15 Talk Tetsu Takekoshi  Rb-Cs double BEC
10:40 11:10 Coffee Break
10:15 10:40 Talk Stefan Schmid First results from the BaRbI experiment
11:10 11:35 Talk Igor Mekhov Quantum optical measurements in ultracold quantum gases
11:35 12:00 Talk Garett Cole Experimental phonon tunnelling losses in micromechanics
12:00 13:30 Lunch*
13:30 14:20 Invited Talk Alexandre Blais Nonlinear dispersive regime of circuit QED
14:20 15:10 Invited Talk Daniel Gottesmann Computational Complexity of Translationally-Invariant Systems