RDD & “My Research”

Research Documentation Database (RDD)

For reasons of documentation scientists enter metadata concerning their research activities (i.e. publications, presentations at conferences etc.) into the Research Documentation Database (RDD). The collected data serves as the basis for the reporting system that is required following the Austrian Universities Act 2002 and is also the source for various rankings and for quality management provisions. The RDD encompasses research activities since 2003, whereby the registering of earlier activities is not mandatory, though it is possible due to the documentation needs of some departments.  

Due to the integration of RDD-Data into an internet portal and the option of embedding data in the departmental homepages, the database also provides scientists with the possibility of presenting their research output to the wider public.

The research information unit assists researchers and departmental RDD-appointees with the recording of data and ensures the continuous quality of the database. In order to be able to enter data into the RDD an access authorization is required.

We offer training courses for the RDD through the internal training programme (https://lfuonline.uibk.ac.at/public/vfb_public.kurse).

 Further information on the Research Documentation Database

 Application form RDD access authorization (german only)

“My Research”

“My Research” is an application of the web portal VIS:online. It documents all data records of past and ongoing research activities of a researcher that have been saved in the RDD or the Project Database of the University of Innsbruck and presents them in a personalized manner for each researcher. “My Research” allows researchers to retrieve, filter and export their records in different formats.

In order to access “My Research”, enter the VIS:online web portal. Enter your username (“c-identifier”) and password. Click on the tab “Persönliche Daten” and then on the menu item “Meine Forschung”. 

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