Research Centre Experimental Economics and Applied Game Theory


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rudolf Kerschbamer

Research objective:

The focus of the research centre Experimental Economics and Applied Game Theo-ry is research into individual and strategic decision-making using a combination of theoretical and experimental methods. On the theory side, members of the centre investigate issues of industrial organization such as information problems on markets for credence goods, or, more generally, the impact of the institutional environment on market outcomes. Further research topics on the theory side are learning behaviour and the identification of other-regarding preferences and their impact on market outcomes. Those research questions are also at the heart of the experimental economic research. Other main research objects on the experimental side are team decision-making, the decision making of children and teenagers and the emergence and impact of social norms.

Over the past years the research center has broadened its scope considerably by extending its experimental work beyond classical laboratory experiments into the thriving area of field experiments (natural and artefactual ones), and extending its theoretical work in the game-theoretical analysis of networks and matching markets and fundamental research in game theory. This broadening of scope has deepened the impact of our research, as has become evident, for example, by a string of top-journal publications over the past few years.

Much of the centre’s research naturally involves collaboration with researchers from around the world, including the University of California at San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, Florida State University, Georgia State University, Brown University, Maastricht University, Queensland University of Technology, New York University in Abu Dabi, Royal Holloway London, Radbound University, University of Copenhagn, Uni Zürich, Uni München, Uni Heidelberg, Uni Köln, to name but a few.

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