eeecon research seminar

Seminar program winter term 2019/20

Date: Thursdays 11:00-12:00


Date Room Guest Title Host
SR7 Joscha Beckmann
Exchange rate predictability and dynamic Bayesian learning (Abstract, Paper) Martin Geiger

Fabian Waldinger
Women in Science (Photo) Daniel Müller
Nadja Dwenger
Shaming for Tax Enforcement: Evidence from a New Policy (Abstract, Photo)
Loukas Balafoutas
Amma Panin
God Insures Those Who Pay. Formal insurance and religious offerings in Ghana. (Abstract, Photo)
Marco Schwarz
Eeva Mauring
Informational Cycles in Search Markets (Photo) Martin Obradovits
21.11.19 SR13 Stefan Borsky Natural disasters and a sector’s export competition (Abstract, Photo) Andrea Leiter-Scheiring
28.11.19 SR7
Gabriele Gratton
Political Capital (Abstract, Paper, Slides, Photo) Daniel Müller
05.12.19 SR7
Heiko Karle
Student Performance and Loss Aversion (Slides, Photo)
Florian Kerzenmacher
Joachim Winter Dynamics and heterogeneity of subjective stock market expectations (Abstract, Paper, Photo)
Marco Schwarz
09.01.20 SR7 Michael Crowther merlin: A framework and implementation(s) for extended mixed effects regression of linear, non-linear and user-defined models (Abstract, Slides, Photo) Achim Zeileis
16.01.20 SR7 Samad Sarferaz
Measuring Macroeconomic Uncertainty from Unpredictable Data Revisions (Abstract) - cancelled
Maximilian Breitenlechner
23.01.20 SR7
Chloé Le Coq
How Do Nascent Social Entrepreneurs Respond to Rewards? A Field Experiment on Motivations in a Grant Competition
Helena Fornwagner
30.01.20 SR7
Gerhard Riener
Social behavior of teachers and hidden costs of control: A Large Scale Field Experiment in Indonesia (Photo) Helena Fornwagner

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