Faculty Research Seminar

Seminar program winter term 2022/23

Date: Thursdays 10:45-11:45


Date Room Guest Title Host
06.10.22  SR 1 Roland Rathelot How do women and men search for jobs?  Sebastian Butschek
13.10.22  SR 1 Sebastian Koch Fighting Fires with Social Capital: The Formation of Volunteer Fire Brigades in 19th Century Baden  Heiner Schumacher
20.10.22  SR 1 Timo Goeschl More money or better procedures? Evidence from an energy efficiency assistance program  Esther Blanco
27.10.22  online Romain Gauriot Disappointment looms around the corner: Visibility and businesses’ local market power Claire Rimbaud
03.11.22  online Pedro Rey Biel What prevents evidence based policy adoption? A field experiment on ideology, partisanship and implementation cost Adrià Bronchal
10.11.22   online Lisa Bruttel Communication patterns defining a cartel Anita Gantner

SR 12 and online


Julien Sauvagnat
Markus Walzl, Felix Holzmeister

IAERE10 Tour - Symposium on Firms and Environment

Corporate Taxation and Carbon Emissions
The Economics of Label Credence Goods: Theory and Experiment


Marica Valente

17.11.22  SR 1 Kai Barron Narrative Persuasion Katharina Momsen
 24.11.22  online Giovanni Mastrobuoni Peer and Price Effects in the Demand for Membership cards  Marica Valente
 01.12.22  SR 1  Gabriella Conti

For Better or Worse? Subjective Expectations and Cost-Benefit Trade-Offs in Health Behavior: An application to lockdown compliance in the United Kingdom

Heiner Schumacher
15.12.22  SR 1 Ingrid Haegele  The Broken Rung: Gender and the Leadership Gap Andreas Steinmayr
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