Lunch-time meetings in applied econometrics

The lunch-time meetings provide a monthly forum to discuss both current research problems/findings and interesting papers with our colleagues. Talks and discussions can cover all topics involving data work. Preparation should not involve too much effort such that gains in terms of helpful discussions and critical feedback prevail.

Generally, the meetings take place on Tuesdays over lunchtime (12-13.30).

For contributions please contact Julia Spornberger or Michael Pfaffermayr


Seminar program summer term 2019

Date Room Presenter Title
SR7 Julia Spornberger
Do Borders within the EU still matter?
Bespr.zimmer Fiwi
Richard Pirker
Grant Application: Impact of environmental policy on FDI activity
Bespr.zimmer Fiwi
Daniel Müller
Econometric Issues in the Analysis of Individual Allocative Choice Data
09.04.19 Bespr.zimmer Fiwi Max Breitenlechner Do Flexible Exchange Rates Stabilize the Economy?
04.06.19 Bespr.zimmer Fiwi Maryna Tverdostup Gender Identity, Co-Working Spouses and Relative Income within Households


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