Empirical Economics and Econometrics Seminar

Seminar Program Summer Term 2018

Date: Wednesdays 17.30-19.00 or Thursdays 10.00-11.30


E 07.03.
SR9 Valeria Merlo
University of Tübingen
A Structural Quantitative Analysis of Services Trade De-liberalization (Abstract)
E 14.03.
SR9 Christina Gathman
University of Heidelberg
The Role of Electoral Incentives for Policy Innovation: Evidence from the U.S. Welfare Reform (Abstract)
E 21.03.
SR9 Jesus Crespo
University of Vienna
We just estimated twenty million fiscal multipliers (Abstract)
E 18.04.
SR9 Dieter Pennerstorfer
University of Linz
How small are small markets? Location choice and catchment area in the day care market (Abstract and profile)
S 26.04.
SR7 Marjolein Fokkema
Leiden University
Balancing Accuracy and Interpretability with Prediction Rule Ensembles (Abstract; Slides)
S 24.05.
SR7 Nadja Klein
University of Goettingen
Implicit Copulas from Bayesian Regularized Regression Smoothers (Abstract)
E 13.06.
SR9 Joschka Wanner
University of Bayreuth
Trade, Fossil Fuel Supply, and Leakage: The Consequences of Uniliteral Withdrawals from the Paris Agreement (Abstract and profile)
S 26.06.
SR7 Bettina Grün
University of Linz
Inferring components and clusters in Bayesian finite mixture modeling (Abstract)


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