eeecon research seminar

Seminar program summer term 2021

Date: Thursdays 11:00-12:00


Date Room Guest Title Host
online Emmanuela Marrocu Smart Specialization Strategy: any relatedness between theory and practice? Janette Walde

online Benjamin Elsner Poor Voters, Taxation and the Size of the Welfare State (Paper) Andreas Steinmayr
Nick Zubanov What Do Employee Referral Programs Do? Measuring the Direct and Overall Effects of a Management Practice Heiner Schumacher
Christopher Parsons For FARC’s sake: Demobilizing the oldest guerrilla in modern history Andreas Steinmayr
online Eugen Dimant Hate Trumps Love: The Impact of Political Polarization on Social Preferences Loukas Balafoutas
20.05.21 online Andreas Grunewald Auto Dealer Loan Intermediation: Consumer Behavior and Competitive Effects Heiner Schumacher
27.05.21 online Anna Rita Bennato tba Regine Oexl
10.06.21 online Roxanne Kovacs tba Daniela Glätzle-Rützler
17.06.21 online Maximilian Kasy tba Elisabeth Gsottbauer

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