On 26 April 2019, the 15th day of action for pupils with over 1,700 pupils took place. Through various games, experiments and guided tours on 48 stations around the Technik Campus, research focuses from the humanities, nature and technical sciences were communicated.

The 15th day of action was organised by the "Junge Uni Innsbruck". After a short welcoming speech by Mrs. LRin Dr. Beate Palfrader and Vice-Rector for Teaching and Students Mr. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bernhard Fügenschuh, the pupils visited the different stations as a class or in smaller groups.

Our team for the Aktionstag

First of all, thanks to our great team that represented eeecon at this year's LNF (in alphabetic order)::

Alexandra Baier Julian Granna Daniel Gründler
Felix Keller Richard Pirker Josephine Pöll
Julia Spornberger Natalie Struwe Janette Walde

Touch and Try

This year, our station consisted of three different stands, two with an experimental, one with a statistical focus:

Felix Keller, Daniel Gründler und Richard Pirker am Glücksrad bei Zufall oder Strategie

Fortune or Strategy

The research platform Empirical and Experimental Economic Research was also represented with its station Economy(s) - Touch and Try. This offered the opportunity to discuss whether it was a matter of chance or strategy via the Wheel of Fortune, which was very popular not only with the pupils of the lower school.



Are you a gambler?

By means of the Minesweeper game one could find out whether one is risk-happy or rather risk-averse. This risk attitude can also be reflected in other situations and for example influence how one behaves or decides.

Natalie Struwe und Alexandra Baier am experimental Stand

Julian Granna zeigt wie eine Verteilung entsteht

Statistics for everyone

Participants learned more about distributions, what distributions are important for, what the average tells them and what types of distributions there are by asking: How tall are you?

A great experience for everyone

It was a pleasure for us to be part of the 15th day of action for schoolchildren and to introduce many young people to our main research areas.

Felix Keller, Daniel Gründler, Julian Granna, Natalie Struwe, Janette Walde, Richard Pirker (von links nach rechts hinten), Alexandra Baier, Julia Spornberger und Josephine Pöll (von links nach rechts vorne)

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