Workshop "Moral Decision Sciences" in Obergurgl

The interdisciplinary workshop 'Moral Decision Sciences' took place from 9-11 April at the University Center Obergurgl and brought together economists, psychologists and philosophers studying moral decision-making.
Gruppenfoto Workshop

The workshop was jointly organized by Elisabeth Gsottbauer (University of Innsbruck), Matthias Stefan (University of Innsbruck), and Eugenio Verrina (GATE-LAB Lyon) and its aim was to provide a forum for in-depth interdisciplinary discussions of the latest research on what constitutes human moral decision-making among selected scholars from the various fields. In total, 11 researchers (see list of participants here) presented and discussed their and others work.

Matthias Stefan (organizer) opened the Workshop with a presentation on ‘A critical methodological view on experimental research on moral decision-making’ which served as a basis for small group discussions of the challenges of modeling moral choices in the laboratory that have actual consequences for experimental participants themselves and others, such as trading off money for oneself against donations to a charity. This icebreaker session was designed to help participants to get to know each other and create an intimate and highly specialized atmosphere allowing participants to delve deeply into the workshop topic.

The workshop then consisted of 10 paper presentations followed by lengthy Q/A elements on a broad range of topics including, among others, pro-social behavior, deliberation and moral decision-making, the acquisition and avoidance of information, cross-cultural differences in conflict behavior and redistribution preferences. The full program can be accessed here.

The workshop was sponsored by the Faculty of Economics and Statistics, the Vice Rector of Research and EPoS 'Economy, Politics & Society', University of Innsbruck.

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