Reto Stauffer - Member of eeecon and DiSC

The recently founded Digital Science Center (DiSC) under the direction of Prof. Justus Piater has the goal to further strengthen and expand digitization in research and teaching at the university through researchers who are working in and related to both a faculty as well as the DiSC.

In order to foster the digitalization of various disciplines and to establish a wide range of courses in this area for the students of the University of Innsbruck, researchers from the different faculties work and teach together at the DiSC. Among many other faculties, the Faculty of Economics and Statistics benefits from this new cooperation (see DiSC).

Reto Stauffer is one of the first DiSC employees. Therefore he is a member of the DiSC but also a staff member of the Department of Statistics at the Faculty of Economics and Statistics. The research of Reto Stauffer focuses mainly on the development of new spatial-temporal statistical methods to improve for example snow and weather forecasts.  For the latter problem, he uses machine learning methods, large amounts of data from historical weather observations and forecasts from physical weather models to identify under which conditions errors occur in the wheather forecast. Once the forecast errors are identified, this knowledge can be used to correct the weather forecast for the upcoming days and weeks and thus significantly improves the forecast quality. Hence, the procedure “learns” from its former mistakes. One of his research applications was presented to the broader public at the "Fest der Wissenschaften" as part of the anniversary celebrations of the University of Innsbruck.


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Reto Stauffer


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