Prof of the Year 2021

The SoWi Student Council has been organising a poll among students for the "Prof of the Year" for several years, with additional nominations in three subcategories. SoWi students can take part and cast their vote for the professor of their choice.
Professor of the Year 2021

Foto: Fachschaft SoWi

The faculty would like to thank the SoWi student council (Fachschaft SoWi) for their efforts and congratulate the award winners, two of whom are teachers from our faculty this year.

We would like to congratulate Janette Walde and Achim Zeileis from our faculty, who were awarded by the students in the subcategories "Prof of the Year 2021 for Outstanding Commitment" and "Prof of the Year 2021 for Best Distance Teaching". Congratulations also go to Jürgen Huber for "Prof of the Year 2021" and Birgit Pitscheider for "Prof of the Year 2021 for Most Innovative Teaching", both from the Faculty of Business and Management.

 Category Outstanding Commitment: Janette Walde

„I would like to thank you very much for this award and for the recognition. Delivering the teaching completely as online teaching not only required a great deal of commitment from the lecturers and the eLearning team as well as the university's IT-Center, but also required a great deal of personal input from the students in particular. I am all the more pleased that my commitment - and thus also the commitment of my entire statistics team - was perceived so positively. I would also like to thank the SoWi student council for their constant efforts to promote cooperation between students and lecturers."


Category Best Distance Teaching: Achim Zeileis

„The award as Prof of the Year for Best Distance Teaching is a great pleasure and honour for me. The past academic year was not easy for all of us, but I am very proud of how well we managed it together under these circumstances. For me, this was only possible because both the students and my co-teachers in our courses also got involved with all the new communication and interaction formats in distance learning/teaching and showed so much commitment. A lot of praise also goes to the university - especially the rectorate and the departments of the university's IT-Center - who laid the technical foundation with a fast expansion of the necessary infrastructure. Last but not least, I would like to thank the faculty's Student Council for all their efforts, all the more as this year was special."


Professor of the Year 2021: Jürgen Huber

"In the past, I often thought 'awards and celebrations are not really necessary', but I have changed my attitude over the years, also through conversations with friends: celebrations belong. When you receive an award, it is something very special because how else could others say 'I appreciate what you do'. Therefore, I am very happy from the bottom of my heart about the award 'Professor of the Year'. The fact that this award is due to the initiative and the organisation of students makes it all the more special. That I have now received it for the third time makes me extremely happy. I start the new semester all the more motivated. I am looking forward to it!"


Category Most Innovative Teaching: Birgit Pitscheider

"Being recognised by STUDENTS as Prof of the Year for Innovative Teaching is the greatest award I can think of and a real motivation booster for me. Teaching and learning innovatively requires students who are willing to embark on this venture, face challenges and go beyond the usual paths. So thank you to the students and the ÖH. It is a privilege to work with you!"


Congratulations to the professors!


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