Congratulations to the "Profs of the year 2020" Janette Walde, Jürgen Huber, Helena Fornwagner and Loukas Balafoutas (from left to right)

Prof of the Year 2020

Communicating the research activities and the research results of our members is very important to the research platform. In addition to research, our staff puts a lot of effort into teaching. As has now been shown, our researchers are perceived by our students as extraordinarily innovative and committed teachers and are honored by their students.

Not only the prize winners are particularly pleased about this but also the research platform and the corresponding faculties.

As last year, the ÖH conducted a survey for "Prof of the year" with three sub-categories. Since this semester face-to-face teaching has been changed to virtual teaching, the new category "Best Distance Learning" was added. About 350 students of the SoWi took part in this survey and voted for the professor of their choice. We would like to thank the SoWi faculty student representatives for their efforts to conduct this survey, even under the adverse circumstances of this semester.

Congratulations to all our four eeecon members: Helena Fornwagner, Janette Walde and Loukas Balafoutas from the Faculty of Economics and Statistics they were awarded "Prof of the year" by the students in the sub-categories of the survey. Jürgen Huber from the Faculty of Business and Management is the Professor of the year 2020.


Professor of the year 2020: Mr. Jürgen Huber

"I am very pleased and see it as a great honour and further motivation to have been elected Prof of the Year 2020 by the students. Many thanks also to the great staff of the student council who implemented the election in this difficult semester. I am very much looking forward to meeting the students "live" in the lecture hall again in autumn."


Category most innovative teaching: Ms. Helena Fornwagner

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for awarding me the title of Prof of the Year 2020 for innovative teaching. Dear students, but also dear student representatives, receiving this award makes me really happy, especially in these exciting times, which demand a lot from all of us. Thank you to all of you who have made this honor possible: Only through interested students who are open to crazy ideas it is possible to try out new things and to play an innovation ping-pong together, even with supposedly dry content. But also thank you, dear student representatives, for your tireless efforts in so many areas, which makes successful teaching possible. It fills me with pride to lecture at the SoWi."


Category outstanding commitment: Ms. Janette Walde

"Thank you for this award. The complete switch to distance learning also required greater personal commitment from the students themselves. I am all the more pleased that my commitment and thus the commitment of our entire statistics team was perceived so positively. I would also like to thank the student representatives of the SoWi faculty, who are always engaged in a great cooperation between students and lecturers."


Category best distance learning: Mr. Loukas Balafoutas

"It is my great pleasure to be awarded the title of Prof of the Year for best distance learning. The summer semester 2020 was a great challenge for all of us (students, lecturers, university bodies), and looking back on the last few months, I am proud of the successful switch to virtual teaching and the superb cooperation between lecturers and students. Thank you very much for this honour and for the efforts of the faculty's student representatives."


Congratulations to the professors!


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