CReAM Research Fellowship Steinmayr

Andreas Steinmayr was appointed as External Research Fellow at the Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration (CReAM) at University College London.
(Credit: Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration)

CReAM is an independent and interdisciplinary research centre that aims at informing the public on labour economics and migration by providing new insights, helping to steer the current political debate in a direction that is based on carefully researched evidence without bias. CReAM contributes to the development of new theories and methodological advances in data analysis, guaranteeing a contribution and thorouth information on a wide range of issues of policital concern, as well as establishing a reputation for itself in terms of analysis that is widely accepted as open, transparent and reliable. CReAM Research Fellows are renowned international researchers in migration and labour economics who exchange ideas, discuss and share their work in workshops and conferences and cooperate in research projects.

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