Money or social norms, what motivates biodiversity conservation?

The Swedish Research Council supports the project "Money or social norms, what motivates biodiversity conservation? Experimental evidence and expert forecasts" by Elisabeth Gsottbauer and Anna Nordén (Jönköping University, Sweden) with 350,000 €.

Photo:, Creative Commons License


Loss of biodiversity and degradation of ecosystem services is increasing at an alarming pace. Economics incentives such as biodiversity-friendly farm subsidies are therefore in the spotlight by the European Union and its Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

This research projects aims to experimentally evaluate the relative effectiveness of different monetary as well as popular non-monetary incentives (i.e., nudges) to foster biodiversity conservation. The project also entails the elicitation of forecasts by economists and policy practitioners regarding the effectiveness of these incentives through a survey, allowing to compare empirical results to expectations. Finally, results from the experiments will be used to design a randomized control trail targeting a sample of farmers in Sweden to study interventions that are able to promote the uptake of real-world conservation measures promoting biodiversity at the actual farm-level. The latter project part is executed in close cooperation with the Swedish Agricultural Board.


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